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Airflow® goes beyond a routine scale and polish, removing virtually all the plaque and tartar fro@m your teeth.

Airflow® is an elective treatment that can be added to your routine scale and polish.

Introduction to Airflow®

  • Mix of compressed air, powder, and water.
  • Intensive yet gentle method for removing stains from your gum line.

Why Our Patients love Airflow® Polishing for a Deeper Clean

Removes almost 100% of stains

The routine scale and polish is an effective means of removing stains, but Airflow® goes one step further. If you have tenacious stains in your mouth, or a significant amount of plaque or tartar, we strongly recommend opting for Airflow®.

Comfortable and sensitivity-free

Airflow® applies very little pressure on your teeth and is suitable for patients with sensitive teeth.

Enhances teeth whitening treatment

Airflow® can remove surface stains before you start a course of teeth whitening, maximising the results.

Instantly healthier-looking teeth

Plaque and tartar aren’t a great look for your smile. Airflow® will leave your teeth looking stain-free, giving you the peace of mind and confidence that your teeth look and feel healthier.

Fresher breath

Plaque and tartar can release an unpleasant odour in your mouth, leaving you with chronic bad breath. Lingering food particles can exacerbate this. Airflow® will remove all trace of the odour-causing substances in your mouth, which can help to improve your confidence and your in-person rapport with others.

Airflow® Treatment at King’s Avenue


We will examine your teeth for signs of gum disease and ask you if you have any symptoms such as bleeding gums.


Your dentist will begin by using the scaling equipment to remove stains and finish off by applying the Airflow® to take away the remaining stains left behind in between your teeth and in the hard-to-reach areas of your gum line.


  • Attend for routine gum line cleaning when advised to by your hygienist.
  • Attend dentist check-ups to have the condition on your gums checked over.
  • Quit smoking to reduce the toxins in the body that negatively influence the development of gum disease
  • Maintain a healthy diet that is not high in sugar.

Book Your Hygienist appointment for Airflow®

Book in for a routine Airflow® tooth polishing appointment with our experienced hygienists in Muswell Hill.

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