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Dentures are removable artificial teeth made of acrylic, nylon or metal.

They fit snugly over the gums to replace missing teeth and eliminate problems caused by gaps. Gaps left by missing teeth can cause problems with eating, speech and appearance of your smile.

Introduction To Dentures

  • Removable false teeth.
  • Customised for your mouth and smile.
  • Look natural and feel comfortable.
  • Replace one or more missing teeth.
  • Can address gaps in your teeth/replace old dentures.
  • There are different types available and your dentist can explain which may best suit your needs.

Why Our Patients Love Their Custom-made Dentures

Natural-looking solution

Dentures provide an effective and relatively simple way to restore missing teeth and appear natural.

Durable and functional

With good care, dentures can last for 7+ years. With your new set of well fitting dentures, you will be able to eat and talk without the obstacle of missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures.


There are often a choice of materials used today that are now extremely lightweight and do not irritate the gum line.

Upgrade to implants

Dentures can be affixed to implants, increasing their stability considerably. Read more about implant-supported dentures here.

Your Patient Journey at King’s Avenue


During your consultation your dentist will outline all available options for missing teeth. Following a detailed examination and once you have opted for dentures, we will take impressions to give us the measurements we need to produce custom-fitting dentures. The process normally involves approximately 4 visits.

Denture creation

Your dentures are made by the dental technician. There are a series of steps to achieve the creation of a comfortable and natural looking denture. Sometimes where required an immediate denture can be constructed more quickly.

Denture fitting

We will make sure your dentures are an ideal fit for your mouth and demonstrate how to clean them.


  • At first dentures can become slightly uncomfortable and develop small areas of soreness. This is normal and may require minor adjustments by the dentist.
  • Only clean dentures with a regular soap and soft brush. Use cold water to avoid distorting the shape and avoid toothpaste as this is too abrasive. A denture cleanser may also be useful to maintain cleanliness.
  • Always advisable to leave dentures out at night as this allows the mouth to remain healthy.
  • Attend the dentist and where necessary the hygienist to have yoyr denture checked and adjacent teeth cleaned. It is important to check that the supporting gum tissues remain healthy.
  • In some cases it is not possible to eat certain hard foods.

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