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King’s Avenue is a calm, friendly and welcoming environment designed to help nervous patients feel at home.

If you feel you still have a long way to go with feeling comfortable at the dentist, we are with you all the way.

Our values: Supportive, nurturing and patient

Fears and phobias can be a huge blockade when it comes to making an appointment to see a dentist. But what if we told you, these are usually down to past experiences often in childhood?

Here’s how we can help you:

Address past traumas

We will ask you about your past experiences of the dentist and how you think these may have shaped you. Once we understand which aspects of visiting the dentist have impacted your confidence, we can put practices in place that will ensure these never resurface whilst you are in our care.

You will never be rushed

We will always go at your pace. If you feel you just aren’t ready to have a procedure, or for us to have a look inside your mouth, that’s absolutely fine.

It may be that you could benefit from a tour of the practice, meeting our practitioners and reception team before you come in for a clinical appointment. This can help you to get to know the practice environment before deciding on choosing us as your dentist.

Explain the processes to you (in non-jargon terms!)

We like to work in clear and simple terms with our patients. We will be fully transparent with you as to what to expect and never leave anything to occur as unexpected during your treatment.

Helping You Move Forward

We will help you go forward with your confidence, so you can attend the appointments you need to protect your teeth from avoidable disease and decay. Dr Gary Cohen and his team are dedicated to ensuring you move forward with positive association of the dentist and hygienist.

Book You Consultation with One of Our Compassionate Dentists

Book a practice tour or consultation with one of our friendly and understanding dentists. Simply give us a call, or pop in and speak to our lovely reception team in person.

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