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Root canal treatment becomes necessary when harmful bacteria reach the internal living tissues inside a tooth.

Introduction to root canal treatment

  • Recovers a tooth from infection.
  • Prevents infection from developing.
  • Reduces and eliminates painful symptoms.
  • Improves the possibility of retaining an infected tooth in the long-term.

A dental infection can develop as a result of extensive decay or trauma to a tooth.

Why Root Canal Treatment Can Benefit You

Pain relief

Having infected matter removed from your tooth will reduce sensitivity and pain.

Salvage the affected tooth

Root canal treatment serves as a lifeline for teeth that would otherwise need to have been extracted.

Gentle approach

Our dentists are adept at performing gentle root canal treatment and putting you at ease before, during and after your procedure.

Your Patient Journey at King’s Avenue


An examination of your mouth will reveal if root canal treatment is needed to treat your dental infection. Our dentists use high-spec equipment to identify the progression of the infection and to deliver a successful and predictable outcome. X-rays imaging is used during the process.


Your dentist will remove the infected, inflamed pulp (infected tissues inside your tooth) under local anaesthetic. The root canals are then thoroughly cleaned and shaped and filled with a special sealant, preventing bacteria from reinfecting the tooth. A temporary filling or temporary crown is placed. The tooth is further reviewed to ensure that treatment has been successful and is then restored appropriately. This often involves placing a crown over the tooth to protect it from fracture in the future.


A permanent, hardwearing, and natural-looking crown is placed at a future appointment, restoring your biting, and chewing ability.


Short-term aftercare

  • Stick to soft foods for a week after treatment.
  • Make sure you gently brush the affected area and avoid using dental floss around the treated tooth as this may dislodge the temporary filling/crown. Use anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications to control any discomfort following your treatment such a Ibupfrofen or Paracetamol

Long-term aftercare

  • At-home maintenance to prevent cavities from forming.
  • Protect your teeth from potential trauma with a mouthguard during contact sports.
  • Attend regular dentist and hygienist appointments so small cavities can be detected early (this is important, as cavities can be symptomless and therefore go unnoticed day-to-day!)

Why Choose King’s Avenue Dental Surgery for Root Canal Treatment?

Dr Gary Cohen and his team have cared for the community for over 26 years. Together, they have a built a reputation for being a caring, kind, friendly and professional dental team.

The team understand that root canal treatment may sound alarming, but the reality is that this treatment is now a very routine and pain-free experience for patients. Everything will be done to ensure you feel safe and comfortable prior to treatment, and Gary will explain what to expect in layman’s terms. We never want anything to come as a surprise to our patients during their treatment, nor will we ever rush you into deciding to go ahead with treatment.

Reach out to our friendly reception team

Book your consultation in minutes by calling our friendly reception team, who will do their best to answer your questions and find you a convenient appointment slot.

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