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White fillings are an invisible type of filling that no-one will know is there but you. White fillings are tooth-coloured and can be used to treat a cavity, and to replace amalgam mercury fillings.

Introduction to White Fillings

  • Discreet type of filling.
  • Mercury-free (no health risks).
  • Can replace old and worn mercury fillings.
  • Bonded directly to teeth (reduced treatment time).

Your Patient Journey at King’s Avenue


Your tooth is examined for signs of decay. If decay is mild to moderate, a white filling can be used to fortify the tooth once the decay has been cleaned out.


The decay is cleaned, and the tooth is sealed.


The white composite filling material is then placed to protect your tooth from further wear and decay.

Why Our Patients Love White Fillings


White fillings won’t stand out in your mouth once they are placed, so you can smile, eat, and laugh whilst feeling confident.


White fillings aren’t prone to temperature changes and subsequent cracking. This makes them a robust choice of restoration for your tooth.

Quick treatment

A white filling can be bonded straight to your tooth, reducing the overall treatment time.


  • Wait a couple of hours after your treatment before eating.
  • Avoid chewy and crunchy foods for 24 hours and chew on the non-treatment side of your mouth.
  • Attend regular dentist and hygienist appointments to maintain the condition of your filling.

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