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Bridges are a strong, fixed answer to tooth loss.

Our bridges are made up of natural-looking crowns and false teeth that close the gaps in your smile.

Introduction to Bridges

  • Restoration for missing teeth made of crowns and false teeth.
  • Uses the support of healthy teeth to stay in position.
  • Fixed solution (only a dentist can remove your dental bridge).
  • Suitable for replacing one or more missing teeth.
  • Can provide great support and aesthetics.

Why a Dental Bridge Can Benefit You

Natural-looking solution

Everything about your bridge is modelled on how your existing teeth look. This means we can create an outcome that fits in with your mouth shape and size, tooth shade, and smile anatomy.


Chewing and biting with your bridge will feel no different to using any other tooth. Once your bridge is placed, the biting forces in your mouth will be redistributed, so that your teeth are no longer overworking to break down your food.


Bridges fill the confidence gaps you may have had as a result of living without a full set of teeth.
They are an excellent long term fixed solution that can last for several years.

Your Patient Journey at King’s Avenue


Our dentists will examine your mouth to identify if the teeth either side of the gap are strong and healthy enough to accommodate a crown. If so, the crowns can be placed, and the false teeth can be bridged between them.

Digital X-rays images and digital scans or routine impressions of your teeth will be taken. To make sure your bridge is as natural-looking as possible, we often take several photos to effectively communicate with the laboratory technicians.


Under local anaesthetic, your mouth is prepared to receive your permanent dental bridge. A small portion of tooth enamel may need to be shaved down to place the crowns. A temporary bridge is fitted whilst you wait for your permanent bridge.

Permanent bridge

The temporary bridge is removed under local anaesthetic. The area is cleaned, and the new bridge is placed and fixed in position with a strong dental cement.


Long-term aftercare

  • Avoid hard foods such as shells and bones.
  • Brush and floss twice a day, removing bacteria and food particles from in amongst and under your bridge.
  • Report any damage to your bridge immediately.
  • Attend dentist and hygienist appointments to ensure your gums and jaw remain healthy enough to support your bridge.

Why Choose King’s Avenue Dental Surgery for Dental Bridges?

Your bridge will be made of lightweight, natural-looking, and hardwearing materials. Each crown and false tooth that makes up your teeth will be handcrafted by our dental technician.

Implant-Supported Bridges in Muswell Hill

We can also offer implant-supported bridges for patients who are looking for the most sustainable and aesthetic answer to tooth loss. Please click here to find out more.

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