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A natural-looking, strong, and well-designed crown can provide the aesthetic and functional backbone your smile needs when trauma or a cavity occurs.

Introduction To Crowns

  • Custom-made caps that fit over a damaged tooth.
  • Repair and restore a compromised tooth.
  • Extremely natural-looking solution.
  • Long-term restorative solution.
  • Beautifully made by our talented and experienced dental technicians.
  • Often placed after root canal treatment.
  • Used to restore heavily filled teeth to protect them for the long-term
  • Placed over the top of an implant.

Why Our Patients Love Crowns for Tooth Restoration

Natural-looking solution

Everything about your crown is modelled on how your existing teeth look. This means we can create an outcome that fits in with your mouth shape and size, tooth shade, and smile anatomy.


Chewing and biting with your crown will feel no different to using any other tooth.

Peace of mind

Once your crown has been placed your tooth will be better protected allowing a much improved long-term prognosis.

Your Patient Journey at King’s Avenue


Our dentists carry out a detailed examination to identify if a crown is recommended. X-rays images are often required as part of this assessment. To make sure your crown is as natural-looking as is possible, we often take digital photos to communicate effectively with our skilled technicians.


The tooth often requires preparation in the process of treatment. This allows for sufficient space to accommodate the fit of the crown. Either routine or digital impressions are used to communicate with the technicians. Whilst the permanent crown is constructed a temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth and maintain appearance.

Permanent crown

Your permanent crown is normally ready to be placed a couple of weeks after your treatment.


  • Short-term aftercare (temporary crown)
  • Chew on the other side of your mouth.
  • Avoid hard and sticky foods that may dislodge your temporary crown.
  • Brush gently around the crown and avoid flossing as this can dislodge the temporary crown.

Long-term aftercare (permanent crown)

  • Use brushing and flossing aids twice a day.
  • A mouthwash can be helpful as part of daily hygiene routine.
  • Attend regular dentist and hygienist appointments (to avoid the need for restorative dental treatment in the future).

Our restorations are made with care, and to complement everything that makes your smile unique. We use state-of-the-art facilities to diagnose the need for a crown, and to place it in the most conservative way possible.

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