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Hide away imperfections with your teeth with a beautiful, custom-shaped porcelain veneer.

We can also produce a full smile makeover with veneers if you are unhappy with the appearance of multiple teeth.

Introduction to Veneers

  • Hand-crafted porcelain shells that fit over the front of an affected tooth.
  • Long-lasting cosmetic solution (compared with composite bonding).
  • Cosmetic treatment for improving the appearance of individual teeth.
  • Can be used to whiten teeth.
  • Can be used to cover chipped and fractured teeth.
  • Close small gaps in your smile for improved smile symmetry.

Your Patient Journey at King’s Avenue


With an elective treatment such as veneers, we will first need to make sure there are no visible signs of decay, infection, or gum disease.

Once we know your mouth is healthy enough to accommodate veneers, we will take digital impressions and measurements of the affected tooth and neighbouring teeth.


At a second appointment, we will remove a small amount of tooth enamel, allowing us to place the veneer over the tooth. This will ensure the veneer sits at the correct thickness amongst your other teeth.


Once your veneer is ready, this will be permanently fitted to your tooth using a strong dental cement.


  • Brush and floss as normal once your veneer is in place.
  • Limit your consumption of teeth-staining food and drink.
  • Attend regular dentist and hygienist appointments to keep your veneer plaque and tartar-free (veneers are affected by dental problems in the same way your teeth are).

Our cosmetic dental treatments all share something in common – they’re totally customised around your smile. Your veneers will be a natural-looking addition to your smile. The highly durable porcelain we use is moulded into a pre-determined shape and will all the characteristics of real tooth enamel.

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